What Is a Drip Edge in Roofing?

This may be the first time you hear of a ‘drip edge’ as a term used in the roofing industry! Even though drip edges are an absolute requirement for roofs to retain a good condition, we don’t often speak about them. 

In this article, our team of professional flat roof experts have come together to answer every question you have about a drip edge. So, let’s begin.

FAQs: Drip edge in roofing

If you’re wondering whether it’s necessary to put a drip edge on your roof, don’t worry! It’s a common query, and we’re here to take you through why they are so critical for maintaining your roof.

What is a drip edge?

A drip edge is a form of metal flashing attached to the roof edge itself, directing water away from a roof surface to prevent lasting damage. With a drip edge, rainfall can be guided away from the roof and filtered into the drainage network, as it always should be.

Is a drip edge necessary on a roof?

Wherever water is allowed to collect and seep, damage occurs. Whether this damage is condensation, damp or cold spots, it is almost always a stressful and expensive problem to fix. Homeowners know they must prevent water damage at home, although this can be a lesson hard learned! 

To prevent long-term damage to your property and roof structure, preserve its good condition and improve gutter performance for the future, we argue that yes: a drip edge is absolutely necessary on a roof. 

Which building codes require drip edges?

Many building codes reference the need for drip edges. Some of these building codes are regulated with the UK in mind. Still, Section R905.2.8.5 of the International Roofing Code provides a good general guideline to follow! 

This code stipulates that a drip edge should be provided at the eaves and edges of shingle roofs. Without a drip edge, in certain circumstances, your house could be condemned

What are the circumstances where a drip edge isn’t required?

Although we have said that a drip edge is absolutely necessary, in some rare cases, this doesn’t hold true. For example, some properties have pre-bent aluminium fascia, installed flush to the roof decking. Under the technical definition, this fascia acts as well as a drip edge would. 

Alternatively, if you invested in a gutter apron over a drip edge for your home, the function of a drip edge would already be performed. 

Overall, the only situations where missing a drip edge is acceptable are if you have a reliable alternative to perform the same function! Whatever option you chose, water must be directed away from your roof with something installed along the eaves and roof deck. 

What is the cost of a drip edge?

The cost of a drip edge is around £1.60 per linear foot, labour included! Of course, this depends on the company you contract for the job. It’s best to go with a preferred roofer you’re well acquainted with, and that you know is fair! At Flat Roof Experts, we have years of experience in the installation of drip edges that you can depend on. What’s more, our services don’t come with an extortionate price tag.  

Choose Flat Roof Experts for drip edge installation

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We have optimised the use of EPDM Rubber Roofing in many of our projects, in which drip edges are always installed! From removing asbestos to installing a green roof, our reputation speaks for itself. Follow our advice on keeping your roof in good condition and reap the benefits years down the road.

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