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Why Choose Us?

We are a family-run business with 20 years experience in the supply and installation of flat rubber roofing. Our focus is firmly on being able to provide our customers with exactly what they require, whether that’s supplying the best quality materials to the trade or delivering an installation to the highest standard.

Giving our customers the best possible product at competitive prices is at the heart of everything we do at Flat Roof Experts and this dedication to our customers has helped us to develop many excellent working relationships.

Providing customer service which is second-to-none, as well as support on purchases and installations, we are leading the way in an industry where this is sadly lacking.

Professional Flat Roofing Company in Leeds

If you need a flat roof installed on your property in Leeds, our highly skilled and experienced flat roofing experts can deliver an outstanding flat rubber roofing installation service, which is carried out with unrivalled workmanship, affordability, and a high-quality finish on every job. We provide a great degree of professionalism to each job we carry out in the Farsley, Garforth and Guiseley areas. 

Our clients have been left extremely satisfied by each rubber roofing project we have completed in Horsforth, Morely and Otley. If you desire an EPDM flat roof installation or roofing repairs for complex roof damages to a property you have in Pudsey, Rothwell or Yeadon, our highly experienced roofers provide a range of roofing services to assist you with any issues you are having with your roof.

If you are looking for affordable roof services from a reliable and Leeds roofing company, Flat Roof Experts will provide all aspects of roofing building services to domestic and commercial buildings, whether it be in Hyde Park, the city centre, central Leeds, or Wetherby. We can even operate in Woodhouses and Chapel Allerton.

High-Quality Roofing Services in Huddersfield

We are the most affordable roofers and most respected flat roofing team in Huddersfield, providing a quality professionalism and finish for a range of commercial roofing services in Huddersfield centre and surrounding areas, such as Edgerton and Mirfield Village. 

We have a large stock of EPDM rubber and a team of seasoned workmen to carry out domestic roof repairs and give you a long-lasting roof. Our family-run business uses advanced roofing techniques to provide a quality roof for all kinds of domestic buildings and commercial buildings in Holmfirth, Kirkburton, Cleckheaton and all other areas of Huddersfield. 

First-Class Bradford Roofing Services

Our friendly, reliable and highly experienced roof repairs and installation team are experts with years of valuable experience in the roofing industry. We provide you with a range of flat rubber roofing and EPDM services for both domestic and commercial roofs and building services in Bradford city park and all other areas of the Bradford district. Our flat roofing experts carry out all work in Bradford with competence and a degree of professionalism, utilising the highest-performing tools and building materials to provide the best building functions.

Looking for a competent roofer in Keighley or Shipley? Look no further than our team of experienced flat roofers to provide the best-quality work to all flat roofs. With the best EPDM rubber roof installations in Bradford – at the most affordable prices too – we are well recognised in Addingham, Skipton and Bradford city for our excellent customer service in which we provide our customers with all the advice and information they desire to ensure the installation process is as efficient and effective as possible.

Installation of Flat Rubber Roofs

Our flat roofing specialists have had all the necessary training so that you can be sure that we will have the appropriate skills, knowledge as well as having the most competitive rates around. For a professional rubber roof installation in Bradford & Yorkshire, call the Flat Roof Experts today on 01274 317 109.

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Flat Rubber Roofing Expert Installations

Do you need flat roofing installed on your property in Yorkshire or Bradford? Look no further! Here at Flat Roof Experts, we have nearly 20 years of experience in the flat roofing trade and specialise in EPDM flat rubber roofs. Since our foundation in 1998, we have established ourselves as the leading flat roof experts in Bradford and the surrounding areas – because we love what we do! We are a family business based in Bradford and take pride in being customer-focused. We are so confident of our quality craftsmanship, that we offer a 20-year guarantee.

Working with a national network of surveyors and architects we provide a high quality, bespoke installation service to residential and commercial clients throughout Yorkshire. So if you’re looking for a flat roof then look no further than The Flat Roof Experts!

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Where Are Flat Roof Experts Located?

Flat Roof Experts – Our Services:

Cost-Effective EPDM Rubber Flat Roofing Solutions

We are specialists in supplying and installing EPDM rubber flat roofing. We only use the very best materials for our clients, ensuring maximum durability and weather resistance. With an average life expectancy of over 50 years, when you choose EPDM rubber for your flat roof, you know that you’re securing a long-lasting solution and getting the most value for your money.

One of the great things about EPDM rubber flat roofing is its flexibility. It can be reshaped into various sizes and shapes in order to fit roofs of all kinds. EPDM can be used as a solution for various types of roofing, such as standard flat roofs, treehouses, bay window roofs, carports, extensions and more.

We often use EPDM as the under layer of a Green Roofing system – our rubber roofing is great for a multitude of uses in fact, including being used alongside other roofing solutions. We’ve been installing EPDM rubber roofing in the Bradford area for years, and it’s always proven to be a reliable and cost-effective roofing system.

EPDM provides extra protection against harsh weather and unkind conditions. It’s fire-resistant for extra safety and compared to other roofing materials it’s proven to be cost-effective over time. So if you’re looking for an alternative to slate, tile, shingle and asphalt roofing, we highly recommend EPDM rubber!

We’ve been installing EPDM rubber roofing in the Bradford area for years, so get in touch to find out more!

Eco-Friendly and Modern Green Roofing Solutions

Customers are always incredibly impressed with our Green Roofing systems. Our Green Roofing is an energy-efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly roofing solution. It’s perfect for anybody who wants to install an environmentally conscious but affordable roof. Green Roofs are also weather-resistant – an excellent alternative to traditional roofing techniques, materials and practices!

Green Roofing, also known as Sedum Roofs, Grass Roofs and Eco-Roofs, is a roofing solution that you get to watch grow and change over time. Half of the fun is in seeing your organic roof develop – something that certainly no other roof can achieve! Having a Green Roof means that you get to see nature flourish while adding a touch more beauty to your home.

Green Roofing is incredibly long-lasting when cared for properly. We’ve installed a number of Green Roofs in Bradford and the surrounding areas, and we’ve seen it serve all kinds of uses over time. It can be used for anything from log stores and garden studios to homes, offices and other commercial spaces. They provide great insulation by protecting your property from the outside weather, reducing costs for heating and air-conditioning.

Our Green Roofs are fantastic for absorbing rainwater. Not only do they protect your property from the rain, but they actually use the rain for nourishment. A healthy Green Roof is absolutely fantastic for attracting wildlife – you’re guaranteed to see ladybirds, butterflies, bees and more enjoying the natural surface of your roof! The increased wildlife will even help maintain your roof over time.

We source our Green Roofing locally from sedum plants in Ilkley. We’ve installed a number of Green Roofs in Bradford and the surrounding areas – so if you’re interested in an environmentally conscious and eco-friendly roof, get in touch to find out more!

Safe and Reliable Asbestos Roof Removal Solutions

Any property built or refurbished before 2000 in the UK potentially has an asbestos hazard. It’s not uncommon to find roofs made with hazardous material, and dealing with asbestos quickly and safely is incredibly important. Garage roofs, in particular, are in danger of containing hazardous asbestos materials.

Left untreated, asbestos can cause a range of serious medical conditions. Lung cancer, pleural thickening, mesothelioma and more can all be caused by asbestos. When asbestos is disturbed it releases fibres into the air which, when inhaled, cause these serious medical problems. Asbestos is still incredibly hazardous and is estimated to still kill up to 5,000 people each year. Around 20 tradesmen a week are said to die due to past exposure to asbestos.

Harmful asbestos dust can spread throughout your home. Fortunately, the team here are experts in safely removing and replacing asbestos ridden roofs. We’ve replaced a number of asbestos roofs in Bradford and the surrounding Yorkshire area. We use our weather-resistant, durable and cost-effective EPDM rubber flat roofs in replacement. These roofs are safe and carry no asbestos hazard.

We’ll take you through the entire process. From inspecting and analysing your garage roof to the decontamination, removal and safe disposal of asbestos, we promise a smooth and easy journey to a safer roof. When you choose Flat Roof Experts for your asbestos roof removal and replacement, you’re guaranteed a long-lasting and safer roof.

If you’re worried about asbestos in your roof and you’re in Bradford or the surrounding Yorkshire area, please get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

Trusted Commercial Flat Roofing for Yorkshire and Bradford Businesses

Are you based in Yorkshire or Bradford and looking for a new commercial flat roofing system for your business? You need something you can rely on – something that will last as long as you need and prove cost-effective over time. We’ve installed a lot of commercial flat roofing in Bradford and around Yorkshire over the past twenty years. And one thing we’ve learned is that there’s a roofing material that can’t be beaten: our EPDM rubber roofing.

Over the years we’ve consistently seen EPDM come out on top for commercial flat roofing. This is partly because of its durability and weather resistance – when you install EPDM you know that you’re getting a long-lasting solution. It’s low maintenance and will provide your business with a sturdy and reliable roofing system in the long term. We think that for businesses, there’s no better material than EPDM rubber.

All businesses need to cut costs wherever they can. Due to its cost-effectiveness, durability, and insulation properties, EPDM has been a huge success wherever we’ve installed it. We’ve installed EPDM flat roofs on schools, new buildings, flats and more, including commercial buildings of all kinds. We regularly subcontract on behalf of larger building and roofing businesses, and wherever we install, our clients are always impressed with our EPDM rubber roofing.

Over the years we’ve built a reputation for providing excellent roofing for businesses throughout Bradford and the Yorkshire area. We’re one of the most trusted flat roofing businesses in the area, and we take pride in our dedication to supplying and installing top quality roofs in every project we undertake.

The Benefits Of Flat Rubber Roofing

When you are looking to have a new flat roof installed at your premises, you could hardly hope to choose a better material than rubber. We’re established experts in Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer roofing, otherwise known as EPDM rubber roofing, which is an excellent alternative flat roofing material to the likes of asphalt, slate or shingle.

EPDM is a popular choice of material for domestic, industrial, agricultural and commercial flat roofing. It is used for the likes of garage roofs, shed roofs, garden studio office roofs, property extensions, and many other structures. The reasons for this are simple: flat rubber roofing, especially today, is affordable, versatile, easy to maintain, long-lasting, and able to stand up well to considerable punishment and tough weather conditions.

Flat rubber roofing is simple and relatively stress-free to manage, in a world in which – let’s be honest – we often seem to be more time-poor and stressed than ever. You won’t need to spend much time thinking about your EPDM rubber roof once it has been installed, and if you do need to keep an eye on it to maintain it, it’s a straightforward process to just climb up and check.

With the UK being notorious for its drizzle, it is especially important that whatever flat roofing material you invest in is waterproof. The flat rubber roofs we install here at Flat Roof Experts are definitely that and are also resistant to the effects of wind and fire.

Despite its toughness, EPDM rubber is quite lightweight. This makes it straightforward to both install and repair, which underlines why this flat roofing material has become such a go-to option for homeowners and commercial property owners alike across Bradford and Yorkshire.

EPDM rubber can also provide an effective foundation for other roofing systems, such as green roofing. So, if you have special requirements you would like to have addressed by your next flat roof, don’t hesitate to choose Flat Roof Experts.

We distinguish ourselves from other flat roofing companies with our highly competitive pricing, commitment to using only the highest-quality products and materials, and warm, friendly and responsive customer service. You could say we do things the ‘Yorkshire way’, focusing on building strong relationships with the homeowners, architects and builders we work with, instead of just turning up, doing the job, and then quickly leaving.

What is the life expectancy of EPDM rubber roofing?

There are a lot of reasons why having EPDM rubber roofing installed at your property can make so much sense, and one of those is undoubtedly its longevity. A well-maintained EPDM rubber roof can last for about three to five decades on average. So, as far as flat roofing material options go, it really is one that you can install and then largely forget about for years to come.

Such impressive longevity can be attributed to a number of factors. For one thing, the EPDM material is highly flexible, with the ability to stretch as much as 300% before cracking, breaking or splitting. When you think of all the variations in weather and temperature that your rubber roof might face over the course of the average day – never mind week, month or year – that’s a very handy quality for any commercial flat roofing material to have.

While we’re on the subject of the weather, it’s worth noting that EPDM flat roofing can stand up to basically anything. Whether it’s rain, snow, wind or almost any other conditions, flat roofing made from EPDM rubber material can be expected to continue looking and performing well without a fuss. That’s further helped by a broad temperature range, with EPDM roofing often able to hold up strongly in temperatures as low as -51°C, and as high as 140°C.

Even if your EPDM rubber roof was to come under more serious punishment, it is likely to stand up much better than the alternative roofing materials you may have considered. EPDM roofing is renowned for its resistance to abrasion and tearing, for example, and even if chemicals such as dilute acids, ketones or alkalis were to be spilt on your rubber roofing – which isn’t an impossibility if you are investing in a roof for an industrial setting – EPDM rubber can resist damage.

What about fire? Well, this flat roofing material is also fire-resistant, so even if a fire was to break out at your building, you can be confident in the roof not perishing.

At this point, you might be thinking that an EPDM flat roof can’t possibly be invincible, and you would be right. Even this highly durable flat roofing material can still sustain damage from time to time, such as punctures and leaks. And if that happens, you’ll be pleased to know it’s relatively straightforward to repair – for example, with liquid roofing membranes, rubber shingles, and latex adhesives. It’s another factor that helps deliver impressive durability for this roofing material.

What difference do our specialists at Flat Roof Experts make in ensuring your EPDM roof lasts for longer? Well, wherever possible, we install the EPDM rubber as an entire sheet, thereby covering the roof and helping to make the roof more waterproof. The quality of the initial installation is crucial when you’re seeking to ensure your EPDM roof lasts for decades – so, if you’re currently thinking, “what are the best flat roofing contractors near me?”, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We’re one of the most established flat roofing companies in the Bradford and Yorkshire area, having been founded in 1998, while our team possesses over 40 years combined experience. So, when you want to ensure that your next flat rubber roof in Yorkshire is well-priced, looks great and lasts for many years without issue, you can be confident in knowing that we are the contractor for you.

Why Choose Us?

Decades of Experience

We have over 20 years of experience in the supply and installation of flat rubber roofing. Since 1998, we’ve worked on flat rubber roofing projects for many happy customers — both residential and commercial — in Yorkshire and Bradford, and have established ourselves as the leading flat roof experts in the area. With many years of industry experience under our belt, this has allowed us to refine our service, really understand (and anticipate) our customers’ needs, source the best-quality products, and build up a national network of trusted surveyors and architects to ensure the best flat rubber roofing installation for your building. When you choose Flat Roof Experts, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

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High-Quality Products

We only supply and install the best quality flat roofing products. Our Firestone EPDM roofing membranes are some of the best on the market, offering excellent durability, maximum weather protection, low maintenance, and an incredibly long lifespan. Waterproof, UV-resistant and able to withstand temperatures as low as -51°C and as hot as 140°C, our high-performance roofing membrane will maintain its integrity in even the most extreme weather conditions. It’s also fire-retardant, so in the event that a fire occurs, the roofing membrane will prevent your building (and your belongings) from perishing and will actually hinder the spread of a fire. With an average life expectancy of 50 years, you can be sure that when we install your new flat roof, it’ll do its job for many years to come.

Expert Workmanship

Accompanying our top quality EPDM flat rubber roofing membranes is our expert craftsmanship. At Flat Roof Experts, we pride ourselves on installing flat roofs to the highest standard, each and every time. Our flat roofing specialists are all fully qualified and highly experienced, with a true passion and dedication for what they do. So whether you’re looking for an EPDM flat rubber roof or an eco-friendly green roof, you can be sure that your new flat roofing project will be installed with care, precision and efficiency.

Competitive Prices

At Flat Roof Experts, we don’t believe that you should have to break the bank to upgrade your roof. Giving our customers top quality products with the best possible installation service at the most competitive rates around is at the heart of what we do. Furthermore, EPDM rubber is an incredibly cost-effective flat roofing solution. Its excellent durability, incredibly long lifespan and low maintenance means that once it’s installed, you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing it. Because the roofing membrane helps to keep the heat in during the winter and keep the heat out during the summer, it can even help you to reduce your energy bill throughout the year.

Excellent Customer Service

As a family-run business, our customers are our number one priority. With a true commitment to our clients, we offer a professional service with a personal touch. Each and every project that we carry out is tailored to meet your individual needs, which is why we discuss your requirements in detail before starting work to make sure that your new flat roof is fully fit for purpose, whether it’s for your home, garage, extension or commercial building. With a wealth of expertise and experience, we’re here to guide and support you every step of the way to ensure that your flat roof is the best that it can possibly be.


It’s important to understand that flat roofs are flat but are generally built with a slight incline. Part of this is so that rain water can drain away into the guttering rather than pooling on the roof. This effect is commonly known as ‘ponding’ – whereby, surface water on the roof begins to accumulate and create puddles, or ponds.

This is best avoided, as excessive ponding can lead to leaking and damaged roofing. Ponding, if severe enough and left not dealt with, can impact your flat roof’s lifespan and longevity. That’s why most flat roofs supplied and installed by the team here at Flat Roof Experts are built on an incline – so that ponding and the pooling of surface water can be avoided and the roof can be protected from water damage and leaking. Essentially, not all flat roofs are entirely flat.

What exactly is EPDM? Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber is a synthetic material used in many different applications thanks to its amazing durability, flexibility and strength. Using EPDM rubber for our flat roofing, here at Flat Roof Experts we are able to install incredibly durable roofs made from this synthetic rubber material. An EPDM rubber roof is best applied and adhered to a flat roof surface, offering an amazing life expectancy and reliability.

EPDM rubber roofing is amazing for a number of reasons. It is incredibly quick and easy to install, it is resistant to the growth of moss and algae, it is resistant to harsh weather, rain and UV rays, it is an environmentally friendly synthetic material, requires little maintenance, and is also cost effective! It’s a no brainer – EPDM is one of the best roofing materials out there, which is why we specialise in it here at Flat Roof Experts.

One of the best things about our signature EPDM rubber roofs here at Flat Roof Experts is the fact that it barely requires any maintenance at all. It’s one of the reasons that we have come to specialise in supplying and installing flat roofs with this synthetic rubber material, after all.

In order to give your flat roof proper maintenance, it’s a good idea to give it a bit of inspection once or twice a year. We often recommend doing this in March and November, keeping your inspections around six months apart and inspecting them at times where the weather in the UK really begins to change, especially for commercial roofs. Generally, the best time to inspect your flat roof will be soon after rain or snow – this gives you a chance to inspect whether or not water is draining away off your roof properly.

Of course, always be careful when climbing up onto any roof. Our EPDM rubber roofs are generally built able to support light foot traffic but always make sure that your roof can support you before climbing up onto it for an inspection. When you have your flat roof installed by the team here at Flat Roof Experts, we’ll be able to advise and guide you on how much weight your roof will be able to support.

If you want to have Flat Roof Experts install EPDM rubber roofing but also want to install slabs or roof tiles over the top of it, then good news: this is entirely possible. Of course, it is dependent on what kind of slabs or roof tiles you’re hoping to install, and it’s certainly best to let us know of your plans when we’re installing your EPDM rubber roof. It’s important to make sure that rain water, snow and other substances are able to pass between the gaps of your roof tiles in order to properly drain off your roof rather than sitting on top of the rubber membrane. Otherwise, this could lead to ponding and the accumulation of surface water on your roof.

Generally speaking, most green roofs can be installed without needing planning permission from a local authority whatsoever. However, there are exceptions, depending on a number of factors. Depending on the location of your green roof, the type of building you are installing it onto, the height of the green roof and more, planning permission may or may not be required for your green roof.

It’s always best to consult the team here at Flat Roof Experts first if you aren’t sure about whether you need planning permission. Before installation, we’ll be able to provide the guidance and advice necessary to discern whether you need to get in touch with your local authority. You never want to get half way through the installation process only to discover that you don’t have the necessary planning permission.

Green roofs are rising in popularity, even becoming mandatory installations for many new developments across the UK. As such, there’s a little more scrutiny than there has been previously for green roof conservation areas. Planning consent can revolve around a few different matters. For example, your local authority might stipulate that the green area has to blend in with the surrounding natural landscape, or that the water runoff and drainage works in a particular way, or anything else. Fortunately, the expert team here at Flat Roof Experts specialise in supplying and installing modern green roof solutions, and we can work alongside you to ensure that all necessary permissions are met.

One of the reasons we use sedum plants for our green roofs is because it is incredibly drought resistant and is a generally very resilient plant. Your green roof will need to be irrigated after installation and for the following few months, but generally speaking your roof will not need regular watering to stay healthy.

EPDM rubber roofing systems are built to withstand various treacherous weather conditions – including hail, wind and intense heat. EPDM is also highly fire-resistant, helping to explain why it is a popular choice of material for commercial flat roofing

When installed well, as we would install it as standard on your Leeds or Bradford property, a rubber roof can last between 40 and 50 years. However, achieving this kind of lifespan for your rubber roof would depend on you adhering to a thorough inspection and cleaning regime for it. 

Four times a year, you should have your rubber roof professionally cleaned as well as inspected by a professional contractor for signs of damage, such as swelling or peeling.

The good news is that, in many instances, an EPDM roof can be fitted over an existing roof covering. The bad news is that affixing a rubber roof directly to asphalt would be hugely inadvisable, as oil from the asphalt would lead the EPDM layer above it to swell and disintegrate. 

As a result, the roof could soon start leaking – maybe even in multiple places. This is why, whenever professionals from our Yorkshire roofing company install EPDM rubber roofing on a property, they are always careful to secure the EPDM material to either insulation or fibreboard. 

This is a tried, tested and trusted approach for achieving a watertight result – and helping to extend the length of time before the roofing would need replacing. 

There are various flat roofing materials on the market, potentially making you indecisive about which of them to choose for your residential or commercial roof. The material featuring most often on flat roofs in the UK is probably, however, roofing felt. 

This is largely because of the material’s relatively low upfront cost. However, felt roofing is generally expected to last about 15-20 years – making it a less reliable long-term investment than EPDM roofing, the anticipated lifespan of which can be 40-50 years in similar circumstances. 

While modified bitumen roofing is another flat roofing option, the manner in which it is applied – where the adhesive is heated as the material is unrolled – makes such roofing a fire hazard. It also fails to resist scuffs or tears as readily as EPDM roofing.

EPDM is one of the most eco-friendly roofing products available. This is for several reasons, including that it is fully recyclable. As no toxic adhesives are used in applying EPDM roofing and it does not contain any bitumen, EPDM roofing is also non-toxic. 

Arranging for EPDM roofing to be installed on your residential or commercial building would have encouraging implications for any greenery – like lawns or flowers – you maintain just outside it. Rainwater you collect from the roof to water this greenery will not have been polluted by this roof.

The non-toxic composition of EPDM roofing also makes it a suitable foundation for a roof garden, where mosses and grasses are added to a flat roof to help guard against heat loss. Our roofing contractors can install both EPDM roofing and a roof garden on your Leeds or Bradford property.

The short answer is: yes, but only to an extent. EPDM roofing is capable of taking light foot traffic both during and after installation – enabling you to, for example, walk across the roof to undertake occasional cleaning and maintenance.  

However, you should still act with caution when you do walk on the roof. This includes not wearing any purposefully studded footwear – or footwear where small objects, like small stones, have become stuck to the underside. Any such footwear could too easily pierce the single-ply membrane.

If you want your rubber roof to be capable of handling higher foot traffic, there are various options – such as having tiles or decking installed directly onto the membrane. 

The acronym EPDM stands for ‘ethylene propylene diene monomer’, reflecting that this synthetic rubber comprises ethylene, propylene and diene monomers. 

EPDM roofing was first introduced in 1962, and it increased in popularity in the 1970s as asphalt-based roofs became prohibitively expensive due to the Middle East oil embargo. 

EPDM rubber is made through various means, including the use of slurry and gas – and, over time, improvements in the production process have doubtlessly helped to enhance the energy efficiency of EPDM rubber roofing.

There are several types of flat roofs on the market, and their durability and life expectancies depend on the flat roofing material used.

EPDM rubber roofs are suitable for commercial buildings, residential buildings and industrial buildings because the roofing material is water resistant no matter how abrasive the climate is. With EPDM roofing, there’ll be no need for the extra cost of spray-on roof coating for your roof surface.

When it comes to flat roof solutions, this type of roof can’t be beaten. The warranty is better than the usual 10- to 20-year warranty, too. Typically, the homeowner can expect their EPDM rubber flat roof to last for a period of time of up to 40 years with proper maintenance. The materials used are easy to repair too, so you can install them along a parapet wall, for example, and you won’t have to worry about a roof replacement or a shorter lifespan.

Green roofs can add an extra special finish to a residential or corporate building. Installations for this type of flat roof construction actually increase the flat roof life expectancy because it’s suitable for a choice of climates and offers great protection from water damage. Because this type of roof has a pleasing finish and improves the appearance of buildings, it’s an especially popular flat roofing choice and can last for 50 years or more, with a manufacturer’s warranty of a 20 or 25-year warranty.

Commercial flat roofing is the most standard of the flat roof options. It refers to flat roof materials and commercial roof repair, in general, like the 3-layer system and 2-layer system of a built-up roof.

The material used

A rubber roof will be more lightweight than concrete roofs, green roof kits or fibreglass roofs, making its installation and maintenance a lot easier. Water ingress and ponding water are also unlikely to be an issue as EPDM material offers a good level of resistance to the elements. Black plastic wall trims are often used on the wall at the edge to give the appearance of a jointless finish.

The climate 

Green roof systems have been known to benefit buildings from time to time by improving the lifespan of the waterproofing membranes contained underneath. So the rain doesn’t damage these roofing supplies in any way and actually benefits the covering over time.


Neither green nor rubber roofing requires a lot of maintenance, which is why they’re so popular, but a certain amount of checking is necessary every year or so to ensure there’s no debris caught on the roof or any leaks. Whilst a traditional built-up system offers a mineral finish, for example, a simple roofing calculator can show you the price difference in opting for newer flat roofing solutions.

Now that you know how long a flat roof typically lasts, and some of the factors that can affect your roof, get in touch with Flat Roof Experts today to find out more about our flat roofing products.