How Long Does a Flat Roof Last?

There are several types of flat roofs on the market, and their durability and life expectancies depend on the flat roofing material used. 

EPDM rubber roofs are suitable for commercial buildings, residential buildings and industrial buildings because the roofing material is water resistant no matter how abrasive the climate is. With EPDM roofing, there’ll be no need for the extra cost of spray-on roof coating for your roof surface. 

When it comes to flat roof solutions, this type of roof can’t be beaten. The warranty is better than the usual 10- to 20-year warranty, too. Typically, the homeowner can expect their EPDM rubber flat roof to last for a period of time of up to 40 years with proper maintenance. 

Green roofs can add an extra special finish to a residential or corporate building. Installations for this type of flat roof construction actually increase the flat roof life expectancy because it’s suitable for a choice of climates and offers great protection from water damage. Because this type of roof has a pleasing finish and improves the appearance of buildings, it’s an especially popular flat roofing choice and can last for 50 years or more, with a manufacturer’s warranty of a 20 or 25-year warranty.

What factors have an impact on the lifetime of a flat roof?

The material used

A rubber roof will be more lightweight than concrete roofs, green roof kits or fibreglass roofs, making its installation and maintenance a lot easier. Water ingress and ponding water are also unlikely to be an issue as EPDM material offers a good level of resistance to the elements. Black plastic wall trims are often used on the wall at the edge to give the appearance of a jointless finish.


Neither green nor rubber roofing requires a lot of maintenance, which is why they’re so popular, but a certain amount of checking is necessary every year or so to ensure there’s no debris caught on the roof or any leaks. 

Now that you know how long a flat roof typically lasts, and some of the factors that can affect your roof, get in touch with Flat Roof Experts today to find out more about our flat roofing products.

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