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We are a flat roofing installation company. Highest quality roofers in Bradford.

Flat roofing installation Bradford

We are expert rubber roofers, nearly 20 years of experience in the flat roof industry. Completing many tasks, no task is too big or too small for us. We enjoy the Flat Rubber Roof Installation industry. As long as we have our blow torch and EPDM rubber we are happy. Bradford is also another great place to work. We are well known for being some of the best roofers in the industry, with our sister company supplying mass amounts of rubber this us gives us the opportunity to be a lot cheaper than many other companies out there in the Bradford roofing industry. Please scroll down to find out more about us and look at the images at some of the work we have done.

Garage Leaks Bradford

Garage Leaks are some of the most popular reasons why we are round fixing roofs. If you have a garage leak it is very important to get it attended too because the hole only gets bigger, wetter and smellier. When it starts to get damp and wet so does the wall it is on. This causes moss to start growing and old and dated water starts to make it smell. Not only that having dependant on what your garage wall is made out of this can start to decay. Basically if your rubber roof is allowing water to get through then it needs a refurb at a low price by a great roofer. Thats why you landed on this site. Fill out the contact form on the contacts page and receive a reply or a phone call with in the day.